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News Release 10-Dec-2019

Potentially toxic chemicals from LCDs in nearly half of household dust samples tested

University of Saskatchewan
News Release 10-Dec-2019

All Bitcoin mining should be environmentally friendly

Nara Institute of Science and Technology
News Release 9-Dec-2019

Rice, Amazon report breakthrough in 'distributed deep learning'

Rice University
News Release 9-Dec-2019

Reorganizing a computer chip: Transistors can now both process and store information

Purdue University
News Release 9-Dec-2019

Machine learning can help us understand conversations about death

University of Vermont
News Release 9-Dec-2019

Strategies to lower risk for violent crime and gun violence

Society for Risk Analysis
News Release 6-Dec-2019

Dial-a-frog -- researchers develop the 'FrogPhone' to remotely call frogs in the wild

British Ecological Society
News Release 5-Dec-2019

Developing a digital twin

University of Texas at Austin, Texas Advanced Computing Center