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News Release 12-Sep-2019

Research discoveries suggest that LH dipeptide improves mental health

Kobe University
News Release 11-Sep-2019

Increasing number of adolescents receive depression diagnosis

University of Turku
News Release 10-Sep-2019

How emotion affects action

Salk Institute
News Release 10-Sep-2019

A little kindness goes a long way for worker performance and health

Penn State
News Release 9-Sep-2019

Preventing the onset of schizophrenia in mouse model

Friedrich Miescher Institute
News Release 9-Sep-2019

World's largest evidence review: Nutritional supplements for mental health

NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University
News Release 9-Sep-2019

Association of positive childhood experiences and adult mental health, depression

JAMA Pediatrics
News Release 9-Sep-2019

For better adult mental and relational health, boost positive childhood experiences

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health