News by Subject Biology

News Release 27-Mar-2020

Animals keep viruses in the sea in balance

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
News Release 27-Mar-2020

Forgotten tale of phage therapy history revealed

University of Jyväskylä - Jyväskylän yliopisto
News Release 27-Mar-2020

German scientists identify microbe that could help degrade polyurethane-based plastics

News Release 26-Mar-2020

Reducing reliance on nitrogen fertilizers with biological nitrogen fixation

American Phytopathological Society
News Release 25-Mar-2020

Tuberculosis bacterium uses sluice to import vitamins

University of Groningen
News Release 25-Mar-2020

Burying or burning garbage boosts airborne bacteria, antibiotic resistance genes

American Chemical Society
News Release 24-Mar-2020

A genetic nano-toolkit for the generation of new biomaterials

Universität Bayreuth
News Release 24-Mar-2020

Images reveal how bacteria form communities on the human tongue

Cell Press