News by Subject Biology

News Release 27-May-2020

New antiviral, antibacterial surface could reduce spread of infections in hospitals

American Chemical Society
News Release 26-May-2020

Triggered by light, a novel way to switch on an enzyme

University of Münster
News Release 26-May-2020

Circadian oscillation of a cyanobacterium doesn't need all three Kai proteins to keep going

Waseda University
News Release 26-May-2020

Humans have beneficial bacteria uniquely adapted for life in our noses

Cell Press
News Release 22-May-2020

Insight into mechanism of treatment-resistant gonorrhea sets stage for new antibiotics

Medical University of South Carolina
News Release 21-May-2020

Scientists identify chemicals in noxious weed that 'disarm' deadly bacteria

Emory Health Sciences
News Release 20-May-2020

New study finds 2 billion people without proper sanitation at high risk for coronavirus

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation