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Public Release: 7-Dec-2017

Electrical stimulation in brain bypasses senses, instructs movement

University of Rochester Medical Center
Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

3-D mini brains accelerate research for repairing brain function

Houston Methodist
Public Release: 6-Dec-2017

Brain remaps itself in child with double hand transplant

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Public Release: 1-Dec-2017

Women with Parkinson's disease less likely than men to have caregivers

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Public Release: 1-Dec-2017

3-D-printed prosthetic implants could improve treatment for hearing loss

Radiological Society of North America
Public Release: 30-Nov-2017

Researchers map brain activity to improve prosthetic design

University of Houston
Public Release: 28-Nov-2017

ASERF outlines recommendations to increase safety of gluteal fat grafting procedures

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery