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Public Release: 12-Feb-2019

Large study fails to link phthalates and increased breast cancer risk

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Public Release: 12-Feb-2019

Investing in antibiotics critical to saving lives during pandemic influenza outbreaks

Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy
Public Release: 12-Feb-2019

Obstructive sleep apnea linked to inflammation, organ dysfunction

University of Missouri-Columbia
Public Release: 11-Feb-2019

Tracking HIV's ever-evolving genome in effort to prioritize public health resources

University of California - San Diego
Public Release: 8-Feb-2019

The 2008 recession associated with greater decline in mortality in Europe

Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal)
Public Release: 7-Feb-2019

At epicenter of Zika outbreak, dengue immunity provided protection

Yale University
Public Release: 7-Feb-2019

Prior dengue infection protects against Zika

University of Pittsburgh