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News Release 11-May-2020

Insulins available at US pharmacies are consistent with product labeling

News Release 11-May-2020

Single-cell RNA seq developed to accurately quantify cell-specific drug effects in pancreatic islets

CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
News Release 8-May-2020

Newly discovered mechanism can explain increased risk of dementia

Karolinska Institutet
News Release 7-May-2020

New molecular auto-control system to avoid an excessive brown adipose tissue activity

University of Barcelona
News Release 6-May-2020

Androgen-deprivation treatments for prostate cancer could protect men from COVID-19

European Society for Medical Oncology
News Release 6-May-2020

First-in-kind study reveals genetic markers of type 2 diabetes in East Asians

University of North Carolina Health Care
News Release 5-May-2020

Timing of maturity, feelings about ethnicity and race can positively affect black males' self-concept, well-being

Society for Research in Child Development