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US Department of Energy
Resources for Kids

US Department of Energy, Office of Science
        Energy Kids
        Energy Glossary

Argonne National Laboratory
        Educational Programs
        NEWTON Ask a Scientist

Brookhaven National Laboratory
        Educational Programs

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
        Lederman Science Center at Fermilab
        Students Page

Joint Genome Institute
        Human Genome Project Information
        Genomics: GTL
        Microbial Genome Project
        The Science Behind the Human Genome Project: Understanding the Basics

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
        Workforce Development & Education

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
        Educational Programs
        K-12 Student EnrichmentPrograms
        Science on Saturday
        Teacher Development Programs

Los Alamos National Laboratory
        Bradbury Science Museum
        STEM Education Programs

National Energy Technology Laboratory
        Educational Programs

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
        Hands-on Activities, Curriculum and Associated Projects
        Teacher Programs
        K-12 Student Programs
        Solar Cooking Archives
        Teacher's Guide (K-2) - Fun in the Sun (PDF)
        Teacher's Guide (6-8) - Renewable Energy (PDF)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
        STEM Education & Worked-Based Learning

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
        FusEdWeb - Fusion Energy Education
        Plasma Camp
        Science Education

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
        Student Zone
        Games & Puzzles
        Programs & Events
        Hands-on Activities


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